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Zetor, Fosfa, Česká zbrojovka… those are just some of the companies whose water we treat. Will you join us?

Years ago, we dug wells. Today, we treat 15 million litres of water every day. Renowned manufacturing plants, hotels, hospitals and zoos all rely on us.

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We design the water treatment for crocodiles in the zoo, for hundreds of guests in a premium hotel or for massive manufacturing plants. They all need the right water. To the untrained eye, water is just water. We see how it’s never the same. It changes with time and it can be totally different in places which are just a couple dozen metres from each other.

We are able to remove almost anything from the water, from debris to bacteria, pesticides or their residues. In operations where even a 5 minute outage is unthinkable or costs huge sums of money, they rely on our services. That’s one of the reasons we work with technologically advanced and well-tried products from companies such as Grundfos, KSB, Siemens, Filtaworx and, last but not least, products of our own.

We don’t come to our clients to “make a sale”. Instead, we come to look at their real needs, and the way their technologies actually work. We are there to make it all much more efficient. We have become much more than “water in the pipes”. Instead, we engineer the technologies through which the water circulates – industry boilers, cooling systems, air conditioning, even the storage of animal fats. That way, we are able to positively affect efficiency, deal with waste disposal, and we do more to protect nature.

The icing on the cake is our own development and production of industrial reverse osmosis units, which is a field where we are starting to compete with renowned global brands.

Still, we are and will continue to be an ethical, family company based on Tomas Bata’s principles. We don’t bribe, we won’t be bribed and we don’t scoop up EU subsidies with Potemkin’s villages.

What people appreciate about the way we work

We create our technological concepts by teamwork. Usually, a technologist, an engineer, a draftsman and a salesman. This also allows us to learn from each other and expand our horizons.

We get whatever we need to do the work. You don’t have to fill in a form, get four signatures from your superiors and wait two months just to get a pencil. Laser gauge, new software or lab equipment? No problem.

We think something up, we put it in practice.At the moment, there are not hundreds of us. We can adjust our working processes to anything we agree on.

We grow professionally. Sometimes, we have to cope with things weren’t familiar with. Some things we can find in literature, at other times we consult with experts from our suppliers, and for some knowledge we have to go abroad. We keep expanding our horizons in related areas – measuring and regulation, engineering, and technical facilities.

No corporate environment and manners. Don’t expect a career in management and five layers of leadership – we take care of many things ourselves. When we run out of toilet paper, somebody just has to go to the warehouse and get it. Oh, and the boss is not a moron. Usually.

Open communication from the bosses. About the state of the company, its direction, clients and business. We sit down together each week and talk about jobs and work. We don’t bite people’s heads off for mistakes. Mistakes are for learning from.

Responsibility in an informal environment. Don’t expect suits and ties (unless it’s really necessary). We are usually work on a first name basis here. On the other hand, we require responsibility, because mistakes can cost millions and stop whole manufacturing plants from working.

Does that make sense to you?
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Our standards are high and we hope yours are too. At this moment, the following people would be the best fit:

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Maybe you don’t see your position here, but let us know about you, even so. We appreciate capable people and we will teach you what you need to know. Don’t forget to tell us how you will be of benefit to us. You can write straight to We read every e-mail thoroughly and we invite the best candidates to a personal meeting.

If you ask too much, you learn too much…
and we welcome such people.

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