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A proper system of water treatment will protect the health of your hotel guests, prevent damage to equipment and reduce costs.

Elite, world-class hotels take this very seriously and water quality control, including its proper treatment and protecting the hot water from Legionella and other microbes, is standard for them.

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What we will do for you

Whether you’re running a small guesthouse or a five-star hotel, we believe that your goal is to offer maximum satisfaction and comfort to your guests.

We will engineer a water treatment technology that will make sure that your guests feel pampered. You will save money, because your technology, equipment and installations will not suffer, thanks to properly treated water.

What solutions do we offer to accommodation facilities

  • Protection of appliances and installations – regardless of its source, the water will always be top quality
  • Microbiological protection and elimination of legionella – you don’t want your guests to tackle health problems instead of having a pleasant stay
  • Quality water for the kitchen, laundry, heating and air conditioning – properly treated water means effective operation and reduced costs
  • Water treatment technology for pools, wellness and leisure facilities – we will design and supply water treatment technologies for your pools, whirlpools and saunas
  • Cleaning and recuperation of waste water – waste water has huge potential. You don’t want to flush your money down the drain.

How do we proceed

We always start with an on-site inspection. We will let you walk us through your operation, get to know your technologies and processes so that we can design a custom solution suited to your needs.

Water is always water, good old H20. In the real world, however, it has different properties every time, depending on what other substances it contains. Understanding water requires not only a high level of expertise and experience, but also a grasp of each individual situation.

That’s why AWM focuses on the whole water cycle in a given environment. We also look into the future and consider recycling and the maximum possible utilization of water in repeated cycles.

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