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Permanent water quality reduces costs

We designed and implemented water treatment technology for plastics production. The operation is now smoother, wear and tear on the machinery is reduced and so are the costs. SPUR outsourced their advanced water treatment to us. We perform continuous analyses, which allows us to keep the quality of water at the required level.

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Contaminated cooling water cost the company time and money

The production of plastic products at SPUR has one specific issue. The cooling vats are open during extrusion, so they often get clogged by plastic and their surface also gets damaged by limescale. Heating the water during production also supports the spread of bacteria. For these reasons, cooling circuit maintenance is not only time-consuming, but also costly.

We now treat the water and monitor it constantly

Our mission was to engineer a technology that would increase the quality of the water in the cooling circuits. Now, the water is treated by filtration and softened. That’s not the end of our job, though. We have set up special processes to measure and analyse the water’s properties. This helps us to maintain its high quality.

Production is more efficient and the company saves money

With this water treatment in place, there are fewer outages for cleaning the cooling vats, the lifespan of the materials used has increasedand the whole operation runs more smoothly. All this reduces the company’s costs. Thanks to our constant monitoring, the company need have no concerns about water.

„Our problem was the water in the cooling circuits. In our production, the cooling vats stay open during extrusion, which means they get clogged with plastic and limescale. Cleaning them costs money and causes production delays. Aquarex engineered a solution for us. They treat the cooling water, so its quality is higher and it doesn’t destroy our equipment. The frequency of outages caused by cleaning dropped, so we save time and money. What’s more, Aquarex monitors the water quality after treatment as well. Outsourcing was a great decision – we don’t have to worry about water anymore, because its cared for by experts.”
  • Martin Vrba
  • Head of maintenance department

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