Membrane technologies

Membrane technologies for water treatment

We are specialists in membrane technologies for water filtration. We design them, we engineer them and we manufacture them. Like Mr. Baťa, the legendary Czech shoemaker, we strive to understand the essence of our products and the way they work. That’s why we don’t import membrane technologies, choosing instead to develop our own, including the control algorithms. We see it as the only way to offer a solution that will maximize the benefits of our products.

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From microfiltration to reverse osmosis

Our membrane units are mainly used for water treatment in industrial processes such as food processing, waste water recycling and many other operations.

For all of them, we manufacture and supply the various stages of membrane technologies. The first one is microfiltration, during which we are able to remove particles smaller than one micrometer (that’s about 100 times tinier than the width of a human hair).

The next stage is ultrafiltration, followed by nanofiltration. The most perfect stage of membrane filtration is the reverse osmosis.

In this case, the membrane pores are the same size as the water molecule, allowing us to remove particles the size of individual ions. We are practically the Czech Republic’s only manufacturers of reverse osmosis units for demineralized water production. Our technologies are on par with the world’s most renowned suppliers.

Reverse osmosis units – standardized range

We manufacture two ranges of reverse osmosis units. The first of them, Vision, offers a great price to performance ratio. The second, Virtus, is fully automated, reducing your workload. We design and build the units to suit individual facilities. If you need a specific water treatment unit, just let us know through our contact form.

Vision – a compact standardized unit with a performance rate of up to 30,000 liters per hour

The Vision range represents a reliable solution for both industrial and commercial facilities. It is designed to offer the best possible performance to value ratio, without compromising on the quality. The biggest advantage of the Vision unit is that with their compact design, they take up only a minimum of space.

We offer two versions
in this range:

Vertical design with performance

to 3 000 l/h

Horizontal design with performance

from 3 000 to 30 000 l/h

More information about the Vision range is available in the product sheet.

Vision line - optimal price vs performance ratio

Fully automated Virtus range – the flagship for 21st century

This line of products puts emphasis on the maximum possible reduction of workload. The Virtus units are fully automatic, which means that changes in the input parameters (like water pressure and temperature) do not require human intervention. The inner workings automatically adjust to always achieve the highest quality of normalized permeate production.

Also included is a large touchscreen and an integrated module for remote monitoring and control.

The Virtus units are available in capacities from 10,000 litres of permeate per hour to 60,000 litres of permeate per hour.

More information can be found in the product sheet.

Virtus line - automatic and smart solution

Remote control centre – leave the monitoring and management of your filtration units up to us

Units bought from us will be connected to our remote monitoring and control centre. The result is trouble-free and very secure operation – the connection is protected by a heavily encrypted VPN (through our LAN or GSM module). This way, you will get full professional management,freeing up more time to focus on the key activities of your business.

Our membrane technologies

are manufactured in our hometown, Uherske Hradiste (Czech Republic, EU), and delivered to our customers around the world. Our units are durable, reliable and smart. We only use top quality materials and components from the most renowned suppliers. Add a team of experienced specialists, and customized production, and you’ll understand why we can proudly compete with the world’s best in membrane technologies.

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