Water treatment in boilers

Boiler rooms and steam plants

Boiler rooms large and small, whether in industry, healthcare or housing: in any of them, unsuitable water can cause significant damage. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Frequent problems are caused by insufficiently treated water

Heating systems are very sensitive to water quality. Untreated or improperly treated water for heating systems causes:

  • Heating system corrosion
  • Sediment build-up in piping, expansion and pre-heating containers
  • High heat losses in heating system
  • Clogging of heat change surfaces
  • Significantly reduced boiler efficiency
  • Shorter lifespan, more breakdowns and outages

Properly treated feed water and boiling water is a prerequisite for the safe and effective operation of warm water, hot water and steam boilers, and steam generators.

Sediment build-up can reduce a boiler’s efficiency by up to ten percent and shorten its lifespan. What’s more, the salts, oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolved in the water cause corrosion of both the boiler and the piping. All of that negatively affects the economy of operation, increasing losses due to accidents and breakdowns, not to mention the shortened lifespan of the whole technology.

Making water softer is not enough. In our business, we often encounter the opinion that feed water only needs to be softened. That’s not true. It is also very important to keep the proper pH, conductibility and chemical stability by adding the right chemicals.”
  • Miroslav Manasek
  • Director and executive head of Aquarex WATERPROFIT s.r.o.

We supply custom solutions

Each boiler or steam generator is differentand its manufacturer specifies different requirements for feed water quality. What will we do for you?

  • We will design a system of water treatment and filtration. We only use high quality, efficient and reliable components.
  • We use technologieslike: ion exchange, reverse osmosis, decarbonization, chemical or termic degasification, chemical treatment with corrosion inhibitors and other additional substances.
  • We supply a complete system of water treatment, including monitoring and regulation (smart systems that asses the quality of water in a set of tracked parameters, which may be standalone or a part of your MaR or SCADA system).
  • We will help draftsman with planning. We have experience and we supply design data and consulting.
  • We offer extended warranty on the equipment with our service included.

What you will gain by
proper water treatment in
boiler rooms and steam plants

An advanced water treatment system in boilers and steam rooms will immediately reduce your operational costs. Equipment maintenance and repair costs will go down, you will eliminate product spoilage and internal quality mismatch, extend the lifespan of your machinery and improve working conditions for your employees.

Want to get a more detailed picture of the advantages and savings that advanced water treatment on all levels will bring to your company? Read more about advanced water management throughout your operation.

25 - 30%

Reduction in maintenance costs

10 - 40%

Reduction of energy losses

70 - 75%

Reduction of failure rate

50 - 95%

Reduction of water consumption

35 - 45%

Reduction in planned outages

20 - 25%

Increase in productivity

Get to know our customers’ stories

What do they say about us and our work?

„Our problem was the water in the cooling circuits. In our production, the cooling vats stay open during extrusion, which means they get clogged with plastic and limescale. Cleaning them costs money and causes production delays. Aquarex engineered a solution for us. They treat the cooling water, so its quality is higher and it doesn’t destroy our equipment. The frequency of outages caused by cleaning dropped, so we save time and money. What’s more, Aquarex monitors the water quality after treatment as well. Outsourcing was a great decision – we don’t have to worry about water anymore, because its cared for by experts.”
  • Martin Vrba
  • Head of maintenance department

What does water affect in your facility?

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