Aquarex Water Management

Aquarex Water Management

A System Solution for Water

Are you sure that your company doesn’t waste water? Do you fully utilize the potential of your facilities? Do you know the critical points in your water circulation system?

Aquarex Water Management analyses your water economy down to the last detail. This precise tool was developed using many years of practical experience, and maps the water’s path from its source through the processes in which the water is used, to its disposal.

You cannot step into the same water twice

Water is always water, good old H20. In the real world, however, its properties are different every time, depending on which other substances have been mixed into it. To understand water requires not just expertise and experience, but also a deep understanding of any particular situation.

For this reason, AWM focuses on the complete life-cycle of the water in each different environment. It looks into the future, considers recycling and the optimal use of water in repeated cycles.

It works wherever water is


Aquarex Water Management looks closely at every phase of water’s life-cycle, to find where it is being wasted. Similarly, AWM examines the technologies in use, evaluating whether they’re set up optimally and used effectively. It identifies the points of failure, which can be adversely affecting the company’s operation, and suggests possible solutions.


AWM does not simply describe the current situation, but also looks into the future. Aquarex Water Management evaluates alternatives,  for example assessing the advantages of replacing the water from the water main with an alternative source, or the possibilities of waste water utilization.


The resulting AWM report is delivered to the client. It includes a precise description of the current situation and concrete recommendations for improvement, divided into short-term, mid-term and long-term. Additional recommendations for immediate organizational measures are also included. These are able to bring significant improvement without investment, just by changing the approach or process.


Aquarex Water Management can help your company. It will prevent outages and accidents, find savings, increase effectivity. Come to us. We will be glad to help optimize your water management.

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