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We are a Czech family business and we know that water matters

Every business needs water. Sometimes as raw material (food processing), other times as a part of the manufacturing process (e.g. cooling systems in automotive or power generation). In the case of aquaparks and swimming pools, the water is central to the whole business, while in other cases it remains in the background, but the operation still depends on it (hotels, restaurants and many other service businesses). Proper treatment of water can bring vast savings, increase the quality of the production, increase employee comfort or become a decisive competitive advantage.

Our mission is to help businesses take care of their water. To offer an advanced, systematic solution across the whole operation. We are also able to supply individual components or offer ad hoc consulting, but our strength is somewhere else. We are able to take care of the water management as a whole, from the moment it enters the operation to the moment it is discharged. We create detailed analysis of the operation’s water management, design a custom solution and we can (but don’t need to) supply all the technologies and provide ongoing service and plans for further development.

Unique approach

Such a holistic approach is the only way to maximize the potential hidden in water. It still makes us rather unique in the industry. Also unique is our methodology for auditing companies’ water management. The AWM (Aquarex Water Management) framework allows us to assess a company’s water management very precisely and efficiently, allowing us to design measures that will give the company the greatest available benefits.

Water management is strategically important

Water determines our fates both as individuals, as countries or as a global society. We live in times when water management has gained strategic importance. A sophisticated approach to water is a sign of a great company culture, a way to accept social responsibility and, last but not least, an economically rational approach. To take systematic and well thought-out care of water simply pays off.

Our projects often have unexpected overreach

We believe that business only makes sense if we do good, cultivate people, find new technologies and benefit society. We can be proud that Aquarex’ work fulfills these criteria. Our projects often find unexpected overreach for our clients. By the smart choice of equipment, inventive technological solutions which make a simple change in the production process, we can not only solve their needs, but also help the environment or reduce health problems for the employees.

Water loses its purity because of human actions

There are residues of pharmaceuticals, hormones, pesticides, fertilizers and microplastic particles in water. The situation is made even worse by the fact that, even as water resources dwindle and the water itself becomes more polluted, its consumption is on the rise. Only a responsible approach to this valuable resource can reverse this trend. Of course, it won’t be in an instant, but we have to start today. We are glad that with every project we undertake, we pay back another part of our great debt to nature.

„We know that if we do things the proper way, no matter how small they may seem, we will make the world better. That’s why we only compare ourselves to the best. And however irrational it may seem in business, money is not our primary motivation. As the great Czech industrialist Tomas Bata said, money will find the way to a man who does the right thing. And we sure are doing the right thing.”
  • Miroslav Manasek
  • Director and executive head of Aquarex WATERPROFIT s.r.o.

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