Innovative sensor technology

  • Multinational sensor manufacturer
  • Ultra pure production
  • We have been cooperating since 2016

200,000 less rejects thanks to owning the source of ultra-clean water

After its own production of ultra-clean water was implemented, the company is now wholly independent of external suppliers and saves millions of crowns each year. What’s more, the high quality of the water used reduced their spoilage by some 200,000 units per year. Projected waste-water recuperation will not only bring them massive economical gains, but also contribute to the reduction of their carbon footprint.

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37 million

That’s how many litres of water are used in production annually.

0 litres

That’s how much ultra-clean water is acquired from suppliers.

200,000 units

That’s how much we reduced spoilage in just one year.

70 %

That’s the percentage of waste water which will be re-usable.

Our mission: To give the company its own source of ultra-clean water

Innovative Sensor Technology is a company that produces sophisticated measuring technologies that use sensor slides made of silicone and zircon. They are cut to an accuracy of just 20 nanometres, or about one-thousandth of a width of a human hair. The water cooling the machines and cleaning the cutting disc has to be able to remove any speck of dirt. Its quality is absolutely essential for the outcome, so it is necessary to treat water from the mains to make it ultra-clean.

Reverse osmosis provides ultra-clean water, the new recuperation system provides massive savings

We are able to take water from the mains and remove 99 % of sulphates, chlorides and mechanical contaminants. Then, we use reverse osmosis to make ultra-clean water with a quality of 2 – 4 microsiemens, which perfectly fulfils the production criteria.

In the planned water recuperation system, the water from cutting machines will pass through ultrafiltration, where both mechanical contaminants and nano particles will be removed. This makes it possible to re-use 70 % of its original volume. This is not only economical, but also ecological.

Independence from suppliers and short return on investment

Innovative Sensor Technology is now totally independent of ultra-clean water suppliers and wields sufficient capacity for expansion to be possible. Our solution also comes with huge economic gains. By producing its own demineralized water, the company saves up to 80 % of costs when compared to buying it from a supplier.

„After implementing our own ultra-clean water production, we are totally independent of outside suppliers of demineralized waters; we save millions of crowns annually. The high quality of the demineralized water produced by the facility Aquarex supplied us with also reduced spoilage by 200,000 units.”
  • Dr. Miroslav Polacek
  • Head technologist

A bit about technology

The initial part of our process is the pre-treatment of water from the mains, which removes 99 % of sulphides, chlorides, mechanical contaminants and other matter. Without pre-treatment, there would be a risk of encrustation, the membranes would get clogged and both the efficiency and the lifespan of the system would decrease.

The membranes we use commonly last for 3 – 5 years – without pre-treatment, their lifespan would be considerably reduced. In the next part of the process, we use reverse osmosis (6 x 2.5 x 1.3 metre) to produce ultra-clean water at 5 microSiemens/cm2quality (0.5 – 1 MΩ/ cm2.

Projected recuperation facility

We have engineered a recuperation system for cleaning the water from the cutting machines. Production consumes 8 – 10 cubic metres of water per hour. Currently, the whole amount is disposed of.

When the facility is added, 70 % of the water will be re-used, which will bring savings and at the same time reduce the firm’s carbon footprint. Another environmental benefit is the way the temperature of the permeate – ultra-clean water – is managed. It will be warmed by waste heat from the production process.

The whole technology had to be fitted into a confined existing space. For that reason, the whole system is custom engineered to fit these older premises with minimal building modifications.

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