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We manage water use throughout your company

We recognize that water management is a complex problem that needs a complex solution. We begin to take care of water before it even enters the manufacturing process, we ensure its treatment throughout the process, as well as purification and recycling when it is discharged. In each phase, we can save you tens of thousands per year, sometimes even per month.

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Circular economy
in wastewater treatment

We can provide customized water treatments for any facility

We provide water treatment anywhere it’s needed, across all industries. We treat water whether it’s used as part of the manufacturing process (e.g. the chemical industry, the power industry, the electrical industry, metalworking or the manufacture of plastics) or as part of the human environment (in aquaparks, hotels or restaurants).

We understand that each facility has different demands and requirements for its water supply. We are also aware that water is a living element – it varies depending on where it is sourced and it behaves differently in spring than in autumn. That’s why there is no universal solution for everyone.

Each of our projects is tailored to your needs from the very beginning, to give you precisely what your facility needs.

What does water affect in your facility?

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From analysis to service

First of all, we get to know your facility in detail, to understand all the processes and technologies. We audit your water management using our unique Aquarex Water Management framework. We find out how you treat your water, we find any shortcomings and we use our analysis to design the most useful solution, maximizing the functional and economic benefits.

Then, we build and install the necessary technologies and when everything is set and done, we check carefully to ensure that everything works as it should. If you want, we can even take over the total water management of your company.

It is always better to have one supplier who provides all the technologies and knows everything about your water management, as they are able to find complex solutions for any problems.

We really stand behind our work

All the components for our projects are provided by world-renowned suppliers or manufactured in-house. That way, we can fully trust in their quality and offer you an extended warranty on them.

Our experienced engineers are able to calculate and plan every detail to maximize the benefit of our project.

At the same time, we understand that the water is just one part of the energy cycle. We work together with experts in other areas of energy management to develop solutions that will enable you to save as much energy as possible.

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