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Years ago, we started out fixing urgent problems for businesses: clogged jets of CNCs, boiler accidents, filtration or cooling equipment which wasn’t working. Today, we work on prevention, efficiency, sustainability and reducing your environmental impact.

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„After implementing our own ultra-clean water production, we are totally independent of outside suppliers of demineralized waters; we save millions of crowns annually. The high quality of the demineralized water produced by the facility Aquarex supplied us with also reduced spoilage by 200,000 units.”
  • Dr. Miroslav Polacek
  • Head technologist
„We faced a crucial problem – what to do with the waste water. We couldn’t begin production in our new facility without finding a solution. We thought about trucking the water away, but that was economically unfeasible. I have to say that the solution found by Aquarex was as surprising as it was effective. We wouldn’t have thought of cleaning the water on entry when we are dealing with waste water. Prolonging the cycle of water replacement not only improves the smoothness of production, but also saves half a million every year.”
  • Mojmir Simicek
  • Technical maintenance and energy

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