Česká zbrojovka

Reverse osmosis in emulsions production: lower costs and healthier employees

Demineralized water from the company’s own sources increased the quality of emulsions used in production processes and had a positive effect on the operation and on the health of the employees.

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Emulsions lacked the quality required

Emulsions for cooling and lubrication, used in metalworking, are an essential part of production in Česká zbrojovka. The company dilutes them with water to achieve the ideal concentration. The problem was the quality of the emulsions. They had to be replaced frequently, because they started to decay and contained large amounts of bacteria. This also led to sediments accruing in machinery, which lowered the precision of the metalworking and caused higher failure rate.

New water treatment plant

Demineralized water from the company’s own sources brought change

We engineered and supplied all the technology needed to produce demineralized water, including its distribution to individual consumption sites. Demineralized water for diluting emulsions in various facilities is produced using reverse osmosis, managed using a Siemens platform. Individual reverse osmosis plants now produce 250 to 1,000 litres per hour, perfectly treated for the preparation of particular emulsions.

Savings and healthier employees

The quality of emulsions, which are now diluted using ultra-clean water, have increased significantly, so they need replacing less often. Further savings are due to the longer lifespan of the tools used, and the decreased corrosion rate of components. The new technology has also helped the production workers considerably – the metalworking area is less polluted, and due to the reduction of bacteria in the emulsions, the employees are healthier. This proved to be so successful, it’s planned to expand it to other facilities.

„The new technology we use to dilute emulsions helped us in several ways. We are now independent and we make demineralized water in the exact volume we need. The improved quality of emulsions is reflected in lower costs, we don’t have to replace emulsions as often and the tools do not corrode as quickly. Most important, however, is the positive effect on our employees’ health. With a decrease in bacteria in emulsions, our people work in a cleaner environment and fall ill less often.”
  • Pavel Valasek
  • Head of operation

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