Grand hotel Tatra ****

Drinking water for Grand hotel Tatra ****

After extensive reconstruction, the new owners of Hotel Tatra in Velké Karlovice ran into a huge problem: they had no access to drinking water, which meant they couldn’t open the hotel.

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Unavailable drinking water

The original proprietor of the hotel used the hotel’s own well as a source of drinking water. A mechanical filtration system was sufficient to make water potable. However, a water analysis during the reconstruction revealed the presence of enterococcus and coliform bacteria. On top of that, the water’s taste was unacceptable.

Grand Hotel Tatra doesn’t have the option of being connected to a water main or any other water source. To get final building approval and open the hotel, it was necessary to make undrinkable water potable.

No more problems with water

No more problems with water

Making water drinkable. And tasty

The hotel requirements were clear: provide a sufficient water source for 41 rooms, the hotel wellness suite and the restaurant.

We eliminated dangerous bacteria by adding sodium hypochlorite as disinfection. The concentration is continually monitored and managed. The disinfectant is added at the beginning of the water treatment, after rough filtration, when the water is pumped into a storage reservoir. This way, we eliminate the risk of secondary bacterial contamination of water that’s already been treated.

To improve the water’s taste,filtration through fine sand is added to the water treatment system, followed by an active coal filter.

Úprava vody pro Grandhotel Tatra

Part of the water treatment at Grandhotel Tatra

Continuous monitoring and automation

In a hotel operation, water is not consumed evenly. Instead, there are several peak times, e.g. morning and evening showering. The water pumping and treatment system is designed to cope with these peaks. The water circulation is managed by the hotel’s SCADA system, with a connected PLC system in the pumping room.

The automated system manages the pumping of water from the well, its accumulation, treatment and movement to the hotel’s reservoir. To be on the safe side, the system is also equipped with a GSM communications module, which will report, for example, a low volume of pumped water.

The water treatment operator needs to do “only” these things

  • Regularly monitor the information from the hotel’s SCADA system
  • Regularly change the sleeve filters
  • Order and replenish the sodium hypochlorite when needed

On top of that, we perform preventive maintenance every three months.

„We know that if we do things the proper way, no matter how small they may seem, we will make the world better. That’s why we only compare ourselves to the best. And however irrational it may seem in business, money is not our primary motivation. As the great Czech industrialist Tomas Bata said, money will find the way to a man who does the right thing. And we sure are doing the right thing.”
  • Miroslav Manasek
  • Director and executive head of Aquarex WATERPROFIT s.r.o.

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