Protecting hot water from bacteria

Bacteriological contamination was detected in the Zetor company during a regular analysis of warm non-potable water,  used for sanitary facilities.

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How we solved the bacteria

The sanitary facilities in Zetor use three junction exchange stations, each with a volume of 32 m3. As the first step, we conducted a brief study into sanitation of hot water mains and explored the possibilities of technologies for the enduring prevention of bacteria contamination with maximum possible automation.

The main stages of the solution:

  1. Chemical cleaning of the hot water reservoirs and piping, which removes any contamination present
  2. Following that, an immediate installation of disinfection stations for adding stabilized chlorine dioxide
  3. Disinfection of all hot water piping, also using chlorine dioxide
  4. Installation of automated gauging stations for continuously monitoring of the amount of chloride dioxide in the water; these stations were connected to a management system

We did all this in 5 days, without any production shutdown, in a three-shift operation.


We solved the acute problem with bacterial contamination and installed water treatment technology with automated gauging which will prevent any such problems in the future.

We have repeatedly verified the functionality with accredited laboratory tests, yielding results of 0 KTJ in monitored strains of legionella pneumophila, coliform bacterium, E.colie and intestinal enterococcus.

„We thank the people from Aquarex for their quick solution to our problem with bacteria. Thanks to their professional intervention, our production wasn’t affected in any way.”
  • Henrich Hricko
  • Property management specialist

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