Why Aquarex?

We improve productivity and efficiency through water management

Why do company managements value us?

We provide the expertise you need

Implementing and expanding the automation of processes, managing service and maintenance, all for a fraction of the cost of training your own employees.


You can continue production even when there is a risk of water shortage.

More and more often, production is threatened by drought, tightening water consumption limits and increasing water prices. That’s why we implement repeated use (recycling) of water in all kinds of processes.


We make it possible to comply with ever stricter regulations on waste water disposal.

We clean water polluted by production. Most of the water is recycled and we work to decrease the portion of water that’s disposed of. We are not content with simply making your operation comply with waste water regulations.


We increase efficiency and reduce costs, both short-term and long-term.

Using an effective water treatment and related technologies, we are able to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Our projects usually have a quick recovery time on investment.


Our solutions are custom built, and we think in the wider context.

Thanks to our experience in many industries, we know that only an advanced approach can lead to maximum efficiency. Our projects are under our control from the original concept, through project documentation, to realization and maintenance. If a problem arises, we solve it right away and we don’t beat around the bush.

We prepare every project individually from the start, based exactly on particular requirements of your operation.

What does water affect in your facility?

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